Instagram hashtag strategy decoded

A fail-proof, three-step method to developing a high performing Hashtag Strategy for Instagram (CHECKLIST + WORKBOOK included).

“Ishan increased engagement to reach the company’s target customers. My following increased immediately within a space of 3 weeks to over 300! I saw substantial growth as my reach doubled, and this, in turn, led to inquiries about my services! Ishan is my go-to girl!”  

~ Aminah, Bridal Dress Designer


You have the perfect product/service to offer and you are consistently creating content for your audience because as they say, ‘consistency is key’, right? But that’s not it! Even if your content is jam-packed with value, without a Hashtag Strategy you will not get any results.

Hashtags can increase your reach by more than 50%!! Sounds too good to be true but these are the results my clients have received by putting my advice into action.

That is why I created the Instagram Hashtag Strategy Decoded, so you have a simple 3-step foolproof process to follow every time you create a hashtag strategy. If you put these steps into action, you will have high performing hashtags driving traffic to your content and getting you results every single time.


Imagine searching through 95 million posts per day…


YES, that’s how many posts are published per day PHEW! If it wasn’t for the hashtags, how can you possibly find what you are looking for?

With millions of people posting every day, you need to be clever when using a strategy to grow your visibility on Instagram.

Your clients/customers are searching for you via hashtags and if you are not using them, how do you expect them to find you? They probably don’t know your name right now but when you add hashtags to your content they will find you via those hashtags and land on your Instagram page.

60% of users (that’s 600+ million people) seek out and discover new products on Instagram.

This is the money you are losing every time you don’t show up where your audience is.

Not all hashtags strategy work as well as others but today, I will teach you the exact 3-step process to create a high performing hashtag strategy that I teach my clients.

Main Topics this E-Book Covers:

19 Pages

◉ Instagram Hashtag Strategy: why you need it?

I’ve researched and put together statistics that show why a hashtag strategy is so important for anyone trying to build a business on Instagram. So many entrepreneurs not implementing a high performing strategy is making that lost money every time they don’t show up in front of their target audience. 

Explained using examples and images of why hashtags are the top of the list to grow your audience and business.

◉  Common Hashtag Mistakes you need to stop making now!

I’m going to give you 3 common mistakes you need to stop making now to build a high performing hashtag strategy. If you stop making these mistakes, your visibility will *literally* skyrocket!! 

◉  Hashtag Strategy Decoded: The 3-Step Process to craft a high performing hashtag strategy.

This is where it gets really fun. You will create your hashtags. This is the exact strategy I use for my clients and teach to grow visibility to get results.

  • You will learn the exact step-step process I used to grow my client’s accounts and teach my coaching clients.
  • By reaching the audience, you will not only monetize your Instagram but also keep driving traffic constantly.



2 More Things You’ll Get in this EBook:

 ✓ A CHECKLIST to create a high performing strategy.

✍︎  A WORKBOOK to write down your hashtags and also, have a dig at what your target audience looks like. 



Had a strategy call with Ishan and I've to say: Insta is her zone of genius! If you have any questions regarding growth, engagement, content, and hashtag strategy - hands down, she is the woman to speak to! You will get results, you just have to put her advice into action.

Jamie Gray – Virtual Assistant @collabgal

Ishan is amazing. In our 30 min call, I had a couple big aha moments about how I am doing things on my Instagram account, which I'm still learning how to use. She gave me tips about the things I needed to change in order to start attracting the audience and customers I need. She is very down to earth, compassionate and supportive. I highly recommend her .

Nicole King – Fitness Educator

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A fail-proof, three-step method to developing a high performing Hashtag Strategy for Instagram