1:1 social media coaching for women entrepreneurs who want to learn #allthingssocialmedia and take their business to the next level.

So, tell me gorgeous,

are any of these things are holding you back?

✖️ Your online visibility is far from what you want – despite engaging with people, social media is hardly generating attracting your dream clients.

✖️ You’re burnt out – posting consistently and showing up on social media but getting ZERO results

✖️ Your confidence is taking a direct hit  – even though your services are jam-packed with value but marketing them on social at a premium price makes you feel like you are ripping people off.

let me guess,

you have downloaded every freebie and attended every webinar to figure out that secret sauce to get social media success and a consistent flow of enquiries from your dream clients but in reality, you are getting nowhere closer to your goals.

You didn’t begin your entrepreneurial journey to feel overwhelmed, you started it to take control of your life, gain visibility which attracts your dream clients and achieve big things.


Because I know exactly where you are…

I have been there, done that and never going back.

NOW, I refuse to feel burnt out and overwhelmed.

I took *action* and did what I had to do to gain social media success; I invested in training courses, hired a coach and most importantly, started taking my business seriously.

I’ve worked with so many woman entrepreneurs who are passionate about their biz & all they needed was someone to help them take that leap towards social media growth… So that’s what I helped them do. And, it changed their lives forever

Molly Russell

Vegan Baker @vbakes.molly

Before attending the coaching session, I was shy and didn’t want to post pictures of me, the person behind the brand. Also, I didn’t really know what to post and how to get more real engagement from my followers.

After taking the coaching session, I am less afraid to show more of me, my life as a vegan baker; I post more pictures of me & I also show up on stories.

I learnt a lot from Ishan; loads of interactive learning and Ishan had personalised advice for me and my business. It was very informative.

If anyone is considering working with Ishan, I would recommend her coaching. She is very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. She will give you real *quality advice that works*

Now, I want to help YOU.

I am on a mission to COACH & EMPOWER woman entrepreneurs to build brands through social media they can say ‘HELL YEAH’ about!




? You will show up with confidence; I will teach you how to get out there and show your gorgeous face on your feed and stories.

? You will gain visibility that attracts your dream clients like never before.

? You will build your email list through social media.

? You will never feel burnt out again and will learn to post consistently on social that get you results and build a killer brand online.

? You will take action that is needed to elevate your business on social!


1:1 Personalised Coaching Sessions

Pick my brains one on one and I will teach you strategies that *actually* work. Girl, let’s get your biz the visibility it deserves and SMASH IT on social! YAY!

Recorded + Shared

Each session is recorded and it’s yours to keep forever ⚡ Each personalised coaching session will be jam-packed with value & you will have lifetime access to them.

Notes + Action Steps

You won’t miss out on anything. I will send you notes + actions steps to be taken after each session for social media success ✨ We got this, WOO HOO!

Email + Instant Message Support

Girl, not only will I be rooting for you, I will hold you accountable at every step of the way. Those days when you feel overwhelmed? I am your gal to keep you motivated, just one message away!

The first few ladies that join in will grab the 1:1 coaching program at a discounted investment (*HUGE SAVINGS*). The prices are due to increase after these spots are filled. 


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Hey gorgeous! 

I am Ishan; an unshakable dreamer crafting a legacy, on a mission to COACH & EMPOWER woman entrepreneurs to build brands using social media they can say ‘HELL YEAH’ about.

That’s exactly why I started the ‘SOCIAL MEDIA IMPACT 1.0’ coaching program for lady entrepreneurs like yourself who want to learn, grow and skyrocket their online visibility that converts ✨

Having kick-ass marketing is what will get you there and social media is what a lot of businesses are missing out on and hence, we will slip in and leverage that gap in the market.

Let’s do this!! I can’t wait to work with you!

Hear it from my dream clients…..

I would highly recommend Ishan because it is personal, she doesn’t use a one size fits all approach.

She takes her time to analysis your profile and comes back to you without emphasising what you are doing wrong but rather she provides solutions. That is a breath of fresh air when you have been frustrated with growing your online presence.

One of the main things I’ve learnt is to be consistent and patient, once I implemented everything suggests such as rearrange my bio, use more and relevant hashtags etc. Also, I’ve learnt to have fun creating content, being consistent and I have seen my online presence grow.

Christianah Adedigba

Founder and Blogger, Style Medium

Since working with Ishan, I’ve had more confidence when it comes to my Instagram. It’s more professional than before and gives a better understanding to viewers just what my blog is, and has to bring. Any social media-related service I find myself in need of, I know exactly who I need to get in touch with.

I hadn’t truly thought about just how beneficial an Instagram Audit would be for me. While my Instagram was looking well, I was aware it hadn’t got the professional standard I was aiming for.

Ishan was the first person I ever contacted to get help for my social media. So I wasn’t 100% certain on what I’d get — not to mention how nervous I was in regards to whether she liked my account or not!

The service she provided was both friendly and professional. She spoke about what I could change and improve on, allowing me to obtain some genuine constructive criticism, as well as talking about some of the good points my account held.

Ishan is reliable and trustworthy. I will 100% be recommending her to anybody in need of help with their social media.


Aspiring Author and Blogger, Surviving Millennial

The first few ladies that join in will grab the 1:1 coaching program at a discounted investment (*HUGE SAVINGS*). The prices are due to increase after these spots are filled. 


All the A’s to your Q’s

Will your coaching *really* level up my social media and achieve my goals?

YES! I will be teaching you everything you need to know to scale your business on social media and holding you accountable. We will look at your current business and will meet you where you are at in your business and work from there. The coaching is 100% personalised to your business.

How do I know if we are the right fit for each other?

It’s simple, book in the complimentary strategy session with me (only a few slots available every month) and we will dig into your business and I will advise you about the next steps you can take to up-level your social media presence. After our chat, if you feel that we are a good fit for each other, I would love to share more details about the coaching program with you. If not, that’s cool too #nohardfeelings. The least, you walk away with kick-ass strategies to up-level your business. Fair deal?


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