The Ultimate Guide to Finding your Target Audience on Instagram

by | Mar 9, 2019

I see you…

Pouring your heart and soul into your Instagram content but no discovery call bookings, products sitting on the rack and some serious sales drought!! Frustrating and overwhelming, right?

I FEEL YA! I have been where you are right now and you are not alone. I used to sit on Instagram trying to engage with people and hoping that it would eventually lead to sales but instead, it made me feel like SH*T coz Instagram was making me little to no bucks.

Try selling ‘beard oil to a woman‘. Will she buy it? No, right? This is what I was trying to do, kind of. Even though my content was jam-packed with value, it wasn’t reaching my target audience but I was expecting them to buy it.

But hey, I turned things around. I invested my time and money on research, courses, mentors and cracked the code to finding my target audience on Instagram!! Now, I coach others to feel “HELL YEAH” about social media and finding their target audience and today, I want to share JAM-PACKED value with you, YAY!!